Calming lozenges

Herba Flora Calming lozenges address the complex expression of digestive distress, soothing physical symptoms and reaching deeper to support the emotional aspects of healing and treat the individual as a whole.

Our Calming formula features a trio of nervines – oatstraw, rose petals, and lemon balm – to support the nervous system on multiple levels. Oatstraw is high in minerals, which nourish the nervous system and help the body manage stress. It is especially helpful for those who are overworked and reliant on caffeine. Rose petals reduce inflammation and excess secretions in the digestive tract through their gentle astringent actions while relaxing the nervous system to lessen emotional stress, fatigue, and depression. Rose and lemon balm both alleviate insomnia and lemon balm relieves nervous exhaustion and restlessness. Oils of fennel and lemongrass help to diminish gas, indigestion, and digestive cramping and round out the formula with their bright flavors.

Meals can be challenging when healing from digestive issues, particularly in the early stages when it can be difficult to know which foods may bring about any number of symptoms. Calming lozenges soothe the nerves, allowing for a relaxed state during meals to optimize digestion and absorption of nutrients.

While there is a strong digestive component to our Calming formula, they are useful in any tense situation. Stuck in traffic? Giving a presentation at work? Nervous about attending a social event? Calming lozenges help settle your nerves so you can relax into your body and let go of stress.


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