Does Herba Flora ship internationally?

Yes! Herba Flora ships to most countries. Please review our Shipping Policies for further detail.

How do bitters work?

Bitter flavors on the tongue stimulate the digestive organs so that when food reaches them they are ready to digest and absorb nutrients. Think of it like warming up before a workout! Learn more here.

What is acacia? Is it SCD/GAPS compatible?

Acacia, or gum Arabic, is the resin of a tree native to Africa. It helps hold the dry herbs together and nourishes the lining of the digestive tract. Some healing diets advise avoiding vegetable gums, but most people following these protocols tolerate acacia well. Read what Chris Kresser, recognized leader in paleo nutrition and integrative health, has to say about it here. If you still have concerns, stay tuned. A formula specifically for SCD and GAPS is in the works!

My current tin of lozenges is a little different than previous packs. Why?

Herba Flora lozenges are made from pure raw herbs which are a reflection of their environment – season, soil, climate and more. Variations in flavor and texture are expected and can be welcomed as reminder of this connection.

What is the shelf life of Herba Flora lozenges?

Herbs and herbal products should always be stored out of direct sunlight and away from heat and moisture. The shelf life of individual herbs vary widely; roots and barks generally last longer than leaves, flowers, and powdered herbs. Our ingredients are chosen for their quality and freshness and are carefully stored and processed. When properly stored you can expect Herba Flora products to be effective for a minimum of 3 months.