profileI believe deeply in the ability of herbs to support the body in healing and have relied on them for a range of conditions over the years. My recovery from impaired digestion and food sensitivities was no different. Herbs were a natural fit with my healing routine, but the carriers that usually accompany them were not. Alcohol based tinctures, sugary syrups, and glycerites contained some of the very things I was avoiding and brewing infusions and decoctions added one more step to my already complicated kitchen routine. I wanted a convenient way to take pure healing herbs on the go with all of the benefits and no compromise.

Herba Flora is my answer.

I’ve taken care to make Herba Flora effective, convenient, and compatible with a wide range of healing diets, but you don’t have to follow a specific protocol to benefit from them. They are equally well suited to those wishing to give their digestion a boost, bounce back from overindulgence, or take herbs on the road without the worry of messy spills or giving up precious space in an airline-approved zip top bag.

I hope you explore the benefits offered by each Herba Flora formula and look forward to hearing about your experience.

To your digestive health,

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Meghan Hintz
Creator of Herba Flora