Kind Words

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I love Herba Flora. It has helped with digestion so much. After some testing a doctor advised me to take enzymes and betanine hcl, but I could never find the right dose. No matter how much or how little I took it made me nauseous with excessive burping. No problems with taking herbs though. I love that herbs carry this innate wisdom in them and know just how much of what your body needs to feel whole and heal. And who could beat the awesomeness of having a lozenge? Even my 5 year old loves them (Gentle and Calming). I notice that her belly is flat and it decreases her cravings for dessert. Also both mine and my daughters eczema is practically gone. Even the best diets couldn't do that. I like the saying "you are what you digest" and Herba Flora helps me get the best out of my diet. Thank you.

Joanna K.
Park Ridge, Illinois

“For the last couple of years I've been plagued with terrible bloating and digestive issues - primarily a side-effect of a medication that I take. Not even daily kefir or extra strength Gas-X could relieve it.

The Gentle Bitters has been the miracle that I needed! Since I started taking them, I haven't had the painful, distended bloating, and if I feel like I'm starting to feel bloated or my stomach is upset, the GB always calms my stomach down. I am thrilled with how well it has worked. They're fabulous! Thank you!

Amy C.
Seattle, Washington

“Herba Flora lozenges are an ingenious and unique form of digestive support. They are the only digestive bitters formula on the market that doesn't contain alcohol or sugar, which allows those with Candida and other health concerns to safely take it.

The formulas are intelligently designed to support the varying types of digestive impairment: from damp digestive conditions to those with an anxious stomach; those with a sensitive stomach or with low stomach acid.

I recommend them to my clients, friends, colleagues, and family because I think they are the best way to enhance nutrient absorption and mitigate digestive disturbances. Quite honestly, it's plain refreshing to have such a pure product on the market that isn't just another source of sugar and alcohol. Thanks, Meghan!”

Summer Bock
Herbalist & Fermentationist

“As a recovering sugar junkie, Herba Flora’s Calming formula satisfies my sugar cravings without triggering a desire for more sweets. Additionally, they are truly calming - I keep them on hand for potentially stressful situations like traffic or public speaking events. Any time I feel anxious energy coming up, I know I can count on Herba Flora to help balance and ground me.”

Thia Farris
Certified Health Coach & Fermentationist

"As a healer with a strong commitment to health I was thrilled to come across Herba Flora. It has been a long road to reclaim some freedom around food choices and Herba Flora has been a HUGE part of that process. Taking these lozenges now is a gentle reminder of that tough time and I’m encouraged by how far I’ve come in my healing.

I was first drawn to Herba Flora when I was traveling a lot and it was easier to pop a lozenge on the plane than brew tea. I was struck by the vibrancy of the herbs – I was so used to sugar and other ingredients dumbing them down! The individual herbs present in phases as the lozenge dissolves, unlike a tincture or digestive spray that lasts for only seconds on the tongue.

I reach for Calming to lower my anxiety around food and Gentle Bitters to support my colon in moving food along, preventing my stress tendency toward constipation. I often start a meal with Calming and finish with Gentle - I find it’s a nice hug to my meal. Since I avoid sugar, I like Warming as a sweet treat before or after a meal. When I’m craving sweets, I go for Original. The bitter taste kicks the sweet craving and the earthy flavor is emotionally grounding and stimulates the liver for digestion.

You’ll want to try all the formulas and experience their range of healing actions. I say take herbs as they were intended – without all that processed junk – and try Herba Flora today!”

Nicole Wirth, LMP
Lymphatic Decongestant Therapist